• NTRC announces the competition from 11 March 2019 till 11 April 2019 for opening of new nation-wide specialized (news) television channel.

    Being guided by requirements of Article 15.1 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On television and radio broadcasting” National Television and Radio Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces the COMPETITION from 11 March 2019 till 11 April 2019 for opening of new nation-wide specialized (news) television channel in Baku and Apsheron Peninsula at 48th frequency package for SD broadcasting and at 37th frequency package for HD broadcasting.


    Following persons cannot participate in a competition:

    • Persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
    • Legal entities in which authorized capital, there are shares of foreign natural or legal persons;
    • Persons, previously convicted, also having criminal record for heavy or especially serious crimes, also for crimes against public morals;
    • Persons, incapacity or legal incapacity of which confirmed by court;
    • Political parties;
    • Religious organizations.



    The following documents must be submitted to NTRC for participation in a competition:

    1. Application for obtaining of licence for broadcasting;
    2. Distinctive sign (emblem) of television and radio channel;
    3. Charter of the Applicant certified by the notary and contract of the founders (in case the founder is more than one person);
    4. Registration certificate given by relevant central executive authority of the Republic of Azerbaijan and certified by the notary;
    5. Program concept of broadcasting;
    6. Certificate of staff structure and personnel professional level;
    7. Main equipment and devices for production and broadcasting of television and radio programs (filling of Annex Forms 1 and 2);
    8. Table of a turnover for the last year;
    9. Balance list of fixed assets (with primary and residual cost);
    10. List of leased fixed assets, copy of rent contracts;
    11. Technical requirements of transmitting equipment which will be used by television and radio broadcaster;
    12. Comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) of the founder, describing its work activity;
    13. One-time payment of 200 (two hundred) manats for participation in a competition.



    1. All necessary documents for the competition must be submitted in state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    2. All documents must be sewn up, signed, stamped and submitted to National Television and Radio Council with the indication of date.
    3. Documents must be submitted in 7 copies.
    4. One-time payment for participation in a competition is not refundable.
    5. In case of lack of one of above-mentioned documents the application will be rejected.


    Account details:

    Beneficiary bank name                  State Agency of Treasure

    Code                                                  210005

    Tax ID                                               1401555071

    Corresponding account                  AZ41ABZ01360100000000003944

    S. W. I. F. T                                       CTREAZ22


    Beneficiary client                           National Television and Radio Council

    Account No.                                     AZ33CTRE00000000000004058201

    Tax ID                                               1700232971




    Required documents for a competition will be received in administrative building (address: Baku, Nizami Street 145) of National Television and Radio Council between 10.00 – 18.00 everyday (except Saturdays and Sundays) from 11 March 2019 till 11 April 2019.

    Contact telephones: (012) 598-36-59; (012) 598-37-54; (012) 598-32-24.


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