• The 45th Meeting of European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) was held in Edinburgh, Great Britain.

    Chairman of National Television and Radio Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan Nushiravan Maharramov and senior advisor of Legal and International Relations Department of the Council Fazil Novruzov participated in the 45th Meeting of EPRA which was held in Edinburgh, Great Britain on 17-20 May 2017.

    The representatives of 52 regulatory authorities from 46 European countries, as well as experts and representatives of European Commission, Office of OSCE RFoM, Media and Internet Division of the Council of Europe, European Audiovisual Observatory joined the Meeting. During the Meeting two plenary sessions on following topics were held: 1) “News in digital age”; 2) “Promises and challenges of digital disruption: filters, algorithms and diversity – turning concerns into opportunities?”

     Within the Meeting which lasted two days following working groups (WG) with participation of experts were held:

    WG1 – “Media literacy: mapping key initiatives and researching media use”;

    WG2 – “Licensing and authorization procedures”;

                WG3 – “The future of radio”.

    46th Meeting of EPRA will be held in Vienna, Austria in October 2017.

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