• The regular meeting of National TV and Radio Council was held 07 July 2015

    At the meeting the case of infringement of requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” by Space Independent Television and Radio Company was discussed. Also changes of the program conception, the adoption of strict measures against employees who have committed a violation of the law, promises that the number of show programs would be reduced on the "Space» channel from September 2015, and preference would be given to programs of cultural, educational and intellectual character were positively noted .

    In connection with violation of requirements in the program "Gunaydin" 30 June, 2015, at 14:30 and using of obscene language in the program "Esl show" 03 July 2015, as well violations of the requirements of legislation related to advertising (Articles 32, 35.4, 35.5, 35.7 of the Law "On Television and Radio Broadcasting" № 345-IIQ , 25 June,2002) 11 May, 12 May, 13 May, 14 May, 15 May, 03 June,08 June , 17June , 22 June, 24 June, 20,July, 3 July, 0 5 July and 06 July, 2015 a notification was issued to Space Independent Television and Radio Company.



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